Origin Story for “Sleepy, Scary, Sexy” by Archer Atwood: Part Two: “Scary”

The second story in the book “Sleepy, Scary, Sexy” and part of the Willow’s Moon Song series is “Harvest Grove : In the Year of the Comet 2230” Story Teaser: Turmoil has swirled around Casey’s head since childhood. It would bubble over in hints from stories written, or from sketches of images dreamed. What was […]

People and Places of the series Willow’s Moon Song by Archer Atwood

Welcome to the Willow’s Moon Song Universe As each book is published, this list may grow.   Each name or place will be matched up with the book they appear in. Enjoy!! Miss Moon: She will be in every book! It is her the comet years are based on. Ann Monroe: You will learn about […]

Origin Story of the book “Sleepy, Scary, Sexy”: Part One: Sexy

“Sleepy, Scary, Sexy” by Archer Atwood is ready to come home with you! But first, a little bit about how the book and artwork came about. Let’s begin with the “Sexy” part of the book: “Ceremony of the Rose” Determined to ace her “History of Women” college course, Claire finds herself at the Willow Library. […]

Poetry and Photographs

Sometimes you just need to relax with a little poetry and some quiet visuals. Pop back often to see more. (Unless otherwise stated, all photographs are copyrighted material of McAlt Studio.) ……………. October 26, 2020             Rain of Leaves by Aileen Fisher It’s raining big it’s raining small it’s raining […]

The Positivity Project:Introduction

The New Year begins allowing us to re-set. Re-set? Yes, on January 1st we have 356 unknown days ahead of us. Sure, some are predetermined such as holidays, birthdays, vacations, and such, but the actual content of those days is not yet set in stone. When we were kids the passing of time seemed so […]

Writing Workshop:How to Use Resources to Make Your Characters More Believable

In the previous Writing Workshop, I discussed the importance of observing and recording what you see, hear, feel and experience in order to improve your stories. https://www.archeratwood.com/archeratwoodthewritingworkshop/writing-workshop-better-writer-observe-record/ I would like to expand on that idea by reviewing how you can use written resources to move your story along, improve your character’s personality, and help build […]

Books by Chapter

Books by Chapter “I usually take my time writing, editing, and reworking a story, and probably reworking it to death! That’s my biggest fault… Back in the day I use to write episodic stories on-line, cold, without thinking. For almost a year I would write several paragraphs or chapters a day! It was great fun. […]

Writing Workshop: How to be a better Writer : Observe and Record

Observe and Record! I am sure you have all heard the saying, “Write what you know.” Most people interpret that to mean, only write about subject matters you are familiar with. Yes, that does make writing a story easier, but it will not fire your imagination to create something new and different that others will […]

Information and Stories that will Inspire New Thoughts and Actions.

Two Info Sites in One! When you click on the word “Blog”, you come here where we share many tips about writing, and related articles. When you do the drop down, it will take you to  Maplewood Press. Within those articles I share with you stories and discoveries I have made from numerous inherited artifacts […]

Writing Workshop: Write so Everyone Can Read It: Part One

    You wrote a great book for young adults or teens and you want to increase your readership. You want those new Fans to connect to you so they will run out and buy all your books. One way to do that is by having a book signing event that might be combined with […]

Writing Workshop: Let’s talk about Branding

I am talking about creating a Personal Brand.  (No, not the “Old West” stories kind of branding.) What do I exactly mean about “brand”? The way most people think of the term is in reference to a product produced by a particular company. Or when you see a trademark symbol of a company, you will […]

Writing Workshop: The Journey of a Writer

I have always been a Storyteller. In my early school grades I couldn’t avoid the limelight of the “Show and Tell”.  I have a feeling I was up in front of that class almost every day making up some wild story about my dog or family.  MANY years later I ran into one of my […]