Books by Chapter

Books by Chapter

“I usually take my time writing, editing, and reworking a story, and probably reworking it to death! That’s my biggest fault… Back in the day I use to write episodic stories on-line, cold, without thinking. For almost a year I would write several paragraphs or chapters a day! It was great fun. I decided to try that again and most recently I had posted “Sleep Medicine” here. I posted a chapter a day till the story ended. Like my previous on-line chapters, I never planned them out. I would leave myself with a cliff hanger and no plans. The next day I would just pick up and write. ”  Atwood


All Books by Chapter will remain as a blog post for only a short time. After that they will be either expanded into a full book, or offered free here as a pdf download.

Recently published Books by Chapter are now being offered in the e-book “Sleepy, Scary, Sexy” and include “Sleep Medicine”, “Harvest Grove” and “Ceremony of the Rose”.

For more background information on “Ceremony of the Rose”, hop over to the Willow’s Moon Song ( ) page.




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