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“I usually take my time writing, editing, and reworking a story, and probably reworking it to death! That’s my biggest fault… Back in the day I use to write episodic stories on-line, cold, without thinking. I loved doing that and I realized I missed it. Time to get back in the saddle. I hope you will enjoy this as I figure out each time what should come next!”     Atwood  

Recently published Books by Chapter have been “Harvest Grove” and “Sleep Medicine” both by Archer Atwood

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“Sleep Medicine” by Archer Atwood

In the Year of the Comet 2243

It was hard enough to be starting her life over in a new town, but Jolene was also a single mother of a little girl who had trouble fitting in everywhere they went. People found her odd because she knew things about them they never disclosed. Little Lois told her mother she could read dreams and that is why. Trying so hard to be an understanding and caring mother, Jolene looks for help at the local library. That is where she runs into Miss Moon who is in charge of the Reference Department. Even though she finds this little elderly woman a bit odd, too, she takes her advice and applies to work at a nursing home on the night shift. That way she can sneak her daughter in the first night till she can find an overnight babysitter. What she wasn’t expecting was that Lois and her gift would change the lives of many of the frail and lonely residents.

(Story is rated for adult emotions and paranormal subject matter)



“This story fits into the Willow’s Moon Song series. You will find the stories of this paranormal series all begin with Miss Moon and her Willow Library, but set in different years. Some stories are set when the characters are young, others when they are adults, or you may notice a “walk on” appearance from a character featured in another book. As an author, that is half the fun, finding ways for them all to interact, or realizing that they need to interact with each other! For I always say, my characters tell me how the story should go!” Atwood

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