It is Always Nice to Share!

For You:
Pop in here often for information on “Goodies” or to see a free offering.

From You:
At Archer Atwood Books we feel a story can be told in pictures, and pictures can tell a story. Here you can share your story with us and others!

We welcome Readers to share photos of themselves with our books and products.
We welcome Readers to share their comments, questions, and ideas.
We welcome Readers to share their original sketches and pictures inspired by the characters in our books. (See submission guidelines below)

Disclaimer and Submission guidelines:

By sending us a photo of yourself/likeness, you grant us permission to post it on this publicly accessed website and or/Facebook page-“Archer Atwood Books” unless you submit in the e-mail you do not. You should include if you want your name shown with your photo.

Please submit only copies of your artwork scanned and saved as jpg file. By submitting your artwork, you agree that you have complete rights to that artwork, that it is original to you, and you grant us permission to post it here on this public website. If you don’t wish to share it publicly, please say so in your e-mail. Please make sure your signature on the photo is clear as proof of copyright. We cannot guarantee that your picture will not be copied and or shared from our website, though we will strongly encourage visitors to respect your rights and not do so without your permission. Also let us know if you want your name to accompany the photo.

All comments/questions shared will be posted with only your first name, unless you specify you want your full name to be displayed on this publicly accessed website. We don’t mind adverse comments as long as they are constructive and not mean-spirited or possibly offensive to other Readers. We apologize up front if we fail to post your comment because we couldn’t tell if it was spam mail. Please resubmit and have patience, we are only human. Thank you.