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You will find sophisticated, funny, maybe a little scary at times, and action-packed stories here. They may be targeted at younger audiences, but adults will enjoy them, too!

                         Coming Soon:

“Noelle’s Secret Project”

“Noelle’s Secret Project” by N.A. McConkey will be a richly illustrated fantasy story for the YA and adult readers.

Common comments from the adults who have viewed the illustrations in art gallery shows and heard the story pitch, “I would read that.” “I can’t wait to read it.”



                               “The Brave Little Pumpkin” will entertain both child and adult.

Our little hero experiences some very un-pumpkin like surprises, including a winter storm!


Reader Comments:
“I am so relieved. Seriously, last night, I was sitting way over here in Idaho, listening to predictions for a nor’easter on the east coast, and doncha know, I was worried about the Brave Little Pumpkin.”
“What an awesome tale, yay pumpkin!”
“I can’t believe you made me so worried about a pumpkin!”


Other Books in the works;

Half a Dozen Brothers

Randy’s Beach Day

Compass Rose