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The Moonchild’s Prophecy Series by Archer Atwood

Borne of Stolen Royal Blood: Two Mighty Warriors, will Make One
Welcome to a world of heroines and heroes. Of good and evil. Just not the kind of epic fantasy you are use to. These brave souls cannot depend on magic. They must depend on their wits, their skills, and each other in order to survive and save the day. Prepare for a great deal of action. Strap on your armor!                               

Book One: Warrior Queens by Archer Atwood

Release Date October 2021

Falling victim to fear and prejudice, the Queens of yesteryear broke down the culture and protective instincts of the Betweener species that lived in the great forest that surrounded their land. Thinking that they would be able to maintain their way of life relying on only their High Priestess’s wisdom and power, and their own arrogance, their lands quickly grew vulnerable.

Warrior Queens is the first book in this epic fantasy series finds the young Queen Dana crippled by the legacy her foremothers left her with. Unable to solve the bigger problems, she sets out to solve the most obvious, protecting her borders from the evil that is forming outside and within. She plans to create the perfect leader that might mend the damage done with the Betweeners and in turn hold her world together. To do that, she will have to break her own rules and in doing so, she sets in motion the acts, both good and gruesome, needed to bring forth the Moonchild and the Mighty Warrior of Prophecy.

This book was previously titled as “Blood Borne”. This version under the new title has the same basic story, but has been enhanced and revised and will have new cover art. Please be on the look out for its new release.

Reader Comments about the series:
“Wow, this is getting so GOOD! I’m on the edge of my seat!”
“The descriptions are great!”
“I was there. I saw everything happening and that means a lot coming from me. Books have to grab me immediately and yours did and kept me there.”
An Amazon Review: This is a very intriguing story that follows the generations of women warriors who are in a state of transition between their restrictive past and their challenging future. I found the story to be very believable and was eager to follow the lives of the individuals involved. I would recommend this to anyone interested in historical fantasy. :  Thank you!

Pop over to the Moonchild’s Prophecy Page as you dive deeper into the series to learn fun facts and inside information.            

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The Willow’s Moon Song Series by Archer Atwood

Stand on a hillside, bask in the moonlight and whisper your dreams.
The Willow’s Moon Song stories will warm your heart and your senses. If you like modern day fantasy sprinkled with paranormal themes, tinged with danger and surprise, with sexy heroes, women of substance, and unpredictable plot lines, then this series is for you. Each of the books will be inter-connected in some way, and will span different time frames in the characters lives. Pay close attention to the “In the year of the comet” date!

This series is also undergoing a re-vamp. If you have read the previous versions, you will be delighted with the new added content.

Ceremony of the Rose by Archer Atwood


“Like the Moon, women are filled with mystery and beauty. Light some candles, put a satin pillow behind your back, and prepare for the emergence of feelings you dare not let escape into the night wind.”…Archer Atwood

In the Year of the Comet: 2232
Determined to ace her “History of Women” college course, Claire finds herself at the Willow Library. There she meets Miss Moon who hands her an old book that leads her to a special elderly woman. This woman hints about a ceremony that fuels Claire’s imagination and creates an obsession. An obsession to find the meaning of the Ceremony of the Rose. Did the ritual really happen? Or was it a folktale passed on by the lonely and frustrated women of Tucker’s Glen? What Claire uncovers is mystery and romance under the spring full moon. (For Mature Readers 18 years and older)

Reader Comments:
“What a tasty sexy tidbit!”
“I’m swooning! What a beautiful romantic story!”
“Just read three chapters of Rose all the way through without taking a breath!”
“I fell in love with Jesse…but then again, who wouldn’t?”
“OMG! I must have more!”
“Be still, my heart! Oh, Atwood, just when I think it can’t get any better — it always does!”
“I loved the “Ceremony of the Rose”
“What the hell am I supposed to do with my free time now??? The story has been wonderful and fulfilling (smirk). You have an amazing way with words and an uncanny ability to play with all our heads and hearts. Thanks for the many hours of pleasurable reading.”
“You’ve got me hooked.”
“Totally captured by your writing.”

Moonlit Meadow by Archer Atwood

In the Year of the Comet 2248: What was suppose to be a simple party at a fancy mansion with her boring date, turned into just the opposite when Diana runs into the mysterious and irresistible Host. A Host who is meant to introduce her to the world of her ancestors, and help her realize her latent talent and skills.  Skills that will frighten her and excite her, just like he does!  Diana’s life is about to take a very complicated and weird turn.  Can the “Ice King” awaken “Lady Spring” before this important winter moon passes? Before it is too late for her, or us?  You will want to put on a wool cape, and keep peeking over your shoulders while reading their story!

This Willow’s Moon Song Book is rated for adult themes and paranormal delight!

Jesse Monroe and Company by Archer Atwood

(Mature Themes: Over 18 please).
In the Year of the Comet 2222-2238: If trouble was an illness, the tall handsome, sexy and charming Jesse Monroe would be a terminal case. Women easily fall for Jesse, and Jesse loves that, well, except when everything goes wrong, which it seems to do a lot. Attempting to maintain this wild lifestyle is definitely an adventure, but certain women have plans to tame the naughty beast. Will they succeed?
Find a cozy corner to read this book, for it has high squirm and blush factors!

Comments from Readers:
“I fell in love with Jesse…but then again, who wouldn’t?”
“What the hell am I supposed to do with my free time now??? The story has been wonderful and fulfilling (smirk). You have an amazing way with words and an uncanny ability to play with all our heads and hearts. Thanks for the many hours of pleasurable reading.”
“Be still, my heart! Oh, Atwood, just when I think it can’t get any better — it always does!”

For another little taste of Jesse, read Breathless Nights.


Breathless Nights by Archer Atwood

(Adult subject matter, sensual sexual scenes):
In the Year of the Comet 2247: Ann Monroe came to this New England resort to relax and read some romance books on the beach with her two best friends, and just maybe catch a glimpse of her favorite author. But being a Monroe, nothing goes as planned. This time her stumbling bad luck is forced on the local “bad boy” with many secrets. He gets side swiped by Ann worse then the hurricane about to make landfall. Keep your beach chair out and your sun tan lotion lathered, Ann’s story is about to heat up fast!
Follow this up with Harvest Grove for dessert, for autumn always follows summer, and learn how the “bad boy” went bad!
Comments from Readers:
“You’ve got me hooked.”
“Totally captured by your writing.”

Had enough? But, wait, there’s more to come! Rose House and another hauntingly unique story are in the works.