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The Moonchild’s Prophecy Series by Archer Atwood

This Epic Fantasy series will satisfy all your wants and enlighten you to some you didn’t think of!

Book One in the Series: Warrior Queens by Archer Atwood

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Falling victim to fear and prejudice, the Queens of yesteryear broke down the culture and protective instincts of the Betweener species that lived in the great forest that surrounded their land. Thinking that they would be able to maintain their way of life relying on only their High Priestess’s wisdom and power, and their own arrogance, their lands quickly grew vulnerable. It will take a strong young queen to break their influences in order to try and save her people and those she loves.

Reader Comments about the series:
“Wow, this is getting so GOOD! I’m on the edge of my seat!”
“The descriptions are great!”
“I was there. I saw everything happening and that means a lot coming from me. Books have to grab me immediately and yours did and kept me there.”


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The Willow’s Moon Song Series by Archer Atwood

You are going to love and enjoy this spicy contemporary paranormal series. There is love, there is heartache, there is mystery and there is paranormal happenings going on!
All the books are connected to each other, but you don’t have to read them in any order. One book may have several characters in it, the next one or two. Be on the look out for “Easter Eggs and new information about the characters backstories or quirks!

Coming Soon to the Willow’s Moon Song Series

“Moonlit Meadow” by Archer Atwood

What Happens When Those that Rule the Seasons Come Together?

“Moonlit Meadow”: In the Year of the Comet 2248

What was suppose to be a simple party at a fancy mansion with her boring date, turned into just the opposite when Diana runs into the mysterious and irresistible Host. A Host who is meant to introduce her to the world of her ancestors, and help her realize her latent talents and skills. Skills that will frighten her and excite her, just like he does! Diana’s life is about to take a very complicated and weird turn. Can the “Ice King” awaken “Lady Spring” before this important winter moon passes? Before it is too late for her, or us? You will want to put on a wool cape, and keep peeking over your shoulders while reading their story!

This “Willow’s Moon Song” Book is rated for adult themes and paranormal delight!




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