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Welcome to a world of heroines and heroes. Of good and evil. But not like the kind of epic fantasy you are use to. These brave souls cannot depend on magic. They must depend on their wits, their skills, and each other in order to survive and save the day. Prepare for a great deal of action. Strap on your armor!!

Welcome to the Moonchild’s Prophecy Universe


In this world’s past an advanced race visited leaving a colony behind. Their mission of research quickly forgotten, they embedded themselves and soon started altering the cultures of the primitive inhabitants. Greed and warfare broke out. The few that wanted peace, escaped to the wilderness taking what technology they could hoping to set up protections to keep others of their kind from returning, and to try and find a way to mend the harm that had been done. Unfortunately, time, illness, and war caused the needed information to activate the protective technology to be watered down. It will take someone or a few very special ones to decipher and unlock it to heal their world and to keep the Invaders from the Sky from returning.

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WARRIOR QUEENS, the first book in the epic fantasy series Moonchild’s Prophecy by Archer Atwood, finds the young warrior Queen Dana crippled by the legacy her fore-mothers left her with. They had fallen prey to fear and prejudice causing them to break down the culture and protective nature of the Betweener species that lived in the great forest that surrounded her land. Those older queens thought they could maintain their way of life by relying only on their High Priestess’s wisdom and power, and their own arrogance. Instead, their sacred soil quickly grew vulnerable. A vulnerability that one of their own would take advantage of!

Queen Dana

Unable to solve the bigger problems those former queens left her with, Queen Dana sets out to solve the most obvious, protecting her borders. At one time she could depend on her neighbor and childhood friend King Raimond to help her keep the enemies out. Not anymore. His land is also threatened. Desperate, Dana sets out to create the perfect warrior leader, breaking her own rules to do so. She hopes her creation will mend the damage to the Betweeners and can overcome the evil that surrounds and threatens them. The prophecies speak of a Moonchild that will combine with a Mighty Warrior to bring peace. She can only hope for her people, her carefully molded and trained Commander is the one spoken of in the prophecy.

Dare to get hooked on this sweeping tale that is full of unexpected plot twist and turns! This series is not for the faint of heart! Strap on your shield! Pick up your sword! Its about to get intense!

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As you dive more into the Moonchild’s Prophecy Universe, we will add more graphics, answer questions, and add insider information to this page in order to enhance your reading experience.

Reader Comments about the series:

“Wow, this is getting so GOOD! I’m on the edge of my seat!”
“You are going to be the death of me yet! Dana goes charging off sans armor..aaarrrggghhh!! I am really caught up in the story!”
“The ending was perfect. Now I have a want and desire to know more about Helen and Daphene and Heath, the Northmen, Meinka. I love Meinka. And Pahl being a real man and excepting everything as it is. The blood and guts were good, too. It was in there for a good reason. It was part of the story.”
“I am truly, truly enjoying it.”
“The descriptions are great!”
“I was there. I saw everything happening and that means a lot coming from me. Books have to grab me immediately and yours did and kept me there.”
“The chapters so far have been very fulfilling yet annoying because so many loose ends exist, and you are so unpredictable! This is a page ripper all right!”
“I have gotten very involved in this twisted tale of yours. I have become very caught up in the story and the characters. Very very good job.”
“How exciting it all was. I raced through it.”
“Hoping Korda and her creepy son get their asses kicked. Don’t tell me….”
“It really is a wonderful tale. It is vivid and exciting, warm and clever. The characters are well defined and well drawn. I think I have a real feel for them all, and you paint wonderful pictures. I can picture it all so well. I think it would make a terrific movie. Though it is already miniseries length!”

An Amazon Review: This is a very intriguing story that follows the generations of women warriors who are in a state of transition between their restrictive past and their challenging future. I found the story to be very believable and was eager to follow the lives of the individuals involved. I would recommend this to anyone interested in historical fantasy. :  Thank you!

Map of the Moonchild’s Prophecy World






Map of the Valle










Cover idea featuring Queen Dana: Artwork by N.A.M.








Progress Photos from the studio for the final cover. Acrylic paint on bristol.













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Coming soon: Book Two: Warrior’s Destiny




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