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Stand on a hillside, bask in the moonlight, and whisper your dreams.

Nestled in a small New England town resembling a mini castle, is the Willow Library. There you will find Miss Moon behind her stacks of old leather bound books and beneath her jungle of hanging plants. Many have sought her wisdom. Many destinies she has steered.

If you like modern day fantasy sprinkled with paranormal themes, tinged with danger and surprise, with sexy heroes, women of substance, and unpredictable plot lines, then this series is for you.

Pay close attention to the “In the year of the comet” date!

Check back often for new books added to the series.


The third book in the series is now available!

“Breathless Nights” by Archer Atwood

Calling all Romantics!

Book cover of Breathless Nights by Archer Atwood showing sailboats and the moon.Breathless Nights

In the Year of the Comet 2247

Ann is a romantic and loves spending her free time deep in books that spin tales of happily ever after. She keeps her life simple, never taking risks, and that is what she had planned for her vacation at the beach with her two best friends. Her goal was to relax with her toes in the sand and re-read her favorite books and if she is lucky, and wished hard enough, possibly catch a glimpse of her favorite author. Being a Monroe, nothing goes as planned and risk found her! Not only was she getting intrigued by a mysterious local guy, she was about to ride out the incoming hurricane with strangers.

Casey had worked hard to fashion a very private life. No one in this seaside town knew where he came from or that he had been a bounty hunter of evil men and slayer of evil spirits. He was content to just go about his business unnoticed. That was working out well until a certain sweet lady came to town and kept stumbling into his path. She was very different from the other women he knew and decided to try and steer clear of her. Leather and lace do not mix well.

Keep your beach chair out and your suntan lotion lathered, Ann’s story is about to heat up! Prepare to dive into the perfect summer romance, or read this sizzling story to warm you up on a chilly winter night.

“Breathless Nights” is all about that magical getting to know you phase of a new relationship. When you find yourself attracted to someone without understanding why. How much do you want to share about your personal life with this person? Can you trust them with those parts that make you, you and risk they won’t hurt you or humiliate you? That’s a struggle we all go through when we dare to let someone into our heart.

Oh, and to complicate that budding romance, let’s toss in an impending hurricane, something the author has experienced more than once, and the other worldly beings that love to cause mischief.

Content includes diverse people, sexy action, and delicious seafood.

This book is available on Amazon.

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The Second book in the series:

“Jesse Monroe and Company” by Archer Atwood

A scrumptiously sexy tale!

Jesse Monroe and Company

In the Years of the Comet 2222-2244:

Bold, brash, and sexy is how Jesse Monroe moves through life. Born unique inside and out, Jesse’s youth in a small town was traumatic and one can only handle having their spirit and heart broken so many times. When able, Jesse rushed to move to Boston and start over, living a carefree single life utilizing the luck of good looks and charm. Unfortunately, Jesse is a Monroe and nothing comes easy for them.

The days of playing around are about to be clipped by family desperately needing help, stirrings of abilities attached to an inherited trait, and a certain clever “witch” trying to tame the naughty beast. Will Jesse ignore all of that in order to protect a new life away from past pain and former identity? Or will love of family and a need to find love and be loved bring Jesse back home?

Find a cozy private corner and fluff up your pillows to read this book, for it will tickle all your emotions from tears to blushing. This is Jesse Monroe’s origin story.

(Mature topics. Sexy Content)

At the core of the story of “Jesse Monroe and Company” is the Monroe Family, of two parents, five siblings, two grandchildren, and an uncle, all having to cope with extra ordinary circumstances. Some of these circumstances are unique to just them, but others are very familiar to many other families, possibly even yours. Go ahead and take a chance and read this book. It may make you cringe or cry, but there will be many more times you will smile, chuckle, and even cheer on this family, especially the quirky main character Jesse Monroe.

Comments from Readers: “You have an amazing way with words and an uncanny ability to play with all our heads and hearts.” “The story has been wonderful and fulfilling (smirk).” “Be still, my heart! Oh, Atwood, just when I think it can’t get any better — it always does

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The First book in the series:

“Sleepy, Scary, Sexy” by Archer Atwood

Book cover of Archer Atwood's book, Sleepy, Scary, Sexy

This book will contain three exciting stories; Sleep Medicine, Harvest Grove and Ceremony of the Rose

Prepare for surprises and high squirm factor!

Sleepy: “Sleep Medicine”

Jolene felt like she should sue the fertility clinic she used because her daughter did not resemble the donor profile she chose, and from the moment she was born she was different from other children. She knew private things about people and said she could read other people’s dreams. Her disturbing behavior caused them to move often and at her wit’s end, Jolene lands at Miss Moon’s library. Instead of answers, Miss Moon tells her to go work the nightshift at a local rest home and to take her daughter. Against her better judgment Jolene does and ends up pulled into a world of secret surprises. Best you keep your nightlight on!

Scary: “Harvest Grove”

“Save the girl!” Turmoil has swirled around Casey’s head since childhood. It would bubble over in hints from stories written, or from sketches of images dreamed. What was being suppressed so strongly? This last sketch of the little girl in a puritan like outfit haunted Casey day and night. Those dark eyes had to hold the key. But who could help solve this puzzle? Miss Moon of the Willow Library could, but instead, she sends Casey over an old New England covered bridge on All Hallow’s Eve, when the spirits are thought to come out and play. Will this help unlock the mystery for Casey and unleash a power that lays latent, or cause insanity? Keep your flashlight handy, and your Jack-O-Lantern lit as you dive into this fast-paced gender bending paranormal tale. Anything can happen on Halloween!

Sexy: “Ceremony of the Rose”

Determined to ace her “History of Women” college course, Claire finds herself at the Willow Library. There she meets Miss Moon who hands her an old book that leads her to a special elderly woman. This woman hints about a ceremony that fuels Claire’s imagination and creates an obsession. An obsession to find the meaning of the Ceremony of the Rose. Did the ritual really happen? Or was it a folktale passed on by the lonely and frustrated women of Tucker’s Glen? What Claire uncovers is mystery and romance under the spring full moon. Sprinkle your bed with rose petals and expect some blushing and squirming while reading this story!

Reader’s Comments: “Just read three chapters of Rose all the way through without taking a breath!” “I must have more!” “Be still, my heart! Oh, Atwood, just when I think it can’t get any better — it always does!”

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For the backstory/origin stories for this book, check out the articles in the blog. Here is the first.

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Atwood..what is with the Comet Years??

Welcome to the Willow’s Moon Song world! All stories in the series are interconnected but at different times in the characters lives. I consider the overall timeline similar to a ribbon that has been tossed to the floor. A ribbon of time that folds and bends and lays over itself. One book your favorite character may be young, the next time ten years older. One book a character may be the star of the story, the next, they may only be walking through it in the background. Pay close attention to the “Comet Years” that are connected to Miss Moon, to clue you in where that book sits on the timeline.

Here is a list of books in the series so far and their Comet Years;

2230 : Harvest Grove

2232 : Ceremony of the Rose,  Oak Ridge Shadows

2234 : Rose House

2243 : Sleep Medicine

2244 : Jesse Monroe and Company

2247 : Breathless Nights

2248 : Moonlit Meadow

2249 : Winter and Spring