People and Places of the series Willow’s Moon Song by Archer Atwood

Welcome to the Willow’s Moon Song Universe

As each book is published, this list may grow.


Each name or place will be matched up with the book they appear in. Enjoy!!

Miss Moon: She will be in every book! It is her the comet years are based on.

Ann Monroe: You will learn about her childhood through young adulthood in the book “Jesse Monroe and Company”. Has a cameo in “Ceremony of the Rose”. As a young adult she stars in the hot summer romance “Breathless Nights” and appears inMoonlit Meadow”.

Uncle Bill: He will make an appearance in “Harvest Grove”, “Breathless Nights”, “Moonlit Meadow”, and “Oak Ridge Shadows.”

Casey: Stars in “Harvest Grove” and “Breathless Nights”. Will co-star in “Oak Ridge Shadows” and is also in “Jesse Monroe and Company”, “Moonlit Meadow” and “Winter and Spring”.

Chandra: She is one of the elders of an old order. She can be found in “Harvest Grove”, “Jesse Monroe and Company”, “Oak Ridge Shadows”, “Moonlit Meadow” and “Winter and Spring”.

Claire Lesko: Stars in “Ceremony of the Rose.” She will have a part in “Jesse Monroe and Company”.

Delano: A Dream Reader and more: He co-stars in “Moonlit Meadow” andWinter and Spring” and makes a cameo in “Sleep Medicine”. You can catch younger versions of him in “The Rose House” and a nasty Halloween tale titled “Oak Ridge Shadows”. He also appears in the young reader book: “Noelle’s Secret Project”, and another TBA.

Hope: will appear in “Harvest Grove” and “Moonlit Meadow”.

And Holly will materialize in “Harvest Grove” and “Oak Ridge Shadows”.

Iris, Molly, Patty Crandal, Otis, Walter Evans: in “Sleep Medicine.” Residents of Peaceful Valley Rest Home.

Jolene Vance: stars in “Sleep Medicine”. Lois’s mother and a Registered Nurse.

Lois: stars in “Sleep Medicine”. Daughter of Jolene and unknown father. One ability is to read dreams. She will be in future stories.

Robin Grateful: stars in “Ceremony of the Rose.” An elder of the old order, a more mature Robin with be instrumental in “Jesse Monroe and Company” and “Moonlit Meadow”.

Sophia and Nurse Anna: in “Sleep Medicine”. Employed at Peaceful Valley Rest Home.

Velma and Katherine: in “Sleep Medicine.” Residents of Peaceful Valley Rest Home with interesting pasts.

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This list is copyright 2022 Archer Atwood. All names, characters, places, and incidents are a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.


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